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What would you do if your beloved pet ran away from home? Wander around the streets? Ask if anyone saw where your pet went? We came up with a solution to this issue (Peter), consisting of three main parts; finding, caring, and adopting. The former aims to make the processes of finding and tracking lost pets easier and in more efficient way. We have developed a platform, where users are able to upload the photos of pets they find on the streets, which will be then used to make a comparison based on the other previously uploaded reported missing pets using image segmentation and deep learning methods. In addition, thanks to the Peter platform, there exists a chance to help the other owners by taking pictures of wandering animals as people walk down the street. By doing so, people could get a discount on the merchandise in the store present on our website. In this way, not only the protection of animals but also the encouragement of helping other people will be reached. From the caring point of view, we aim to connect the pet owners with vets so that they will be taking care of the pets registered in the system in a systematic manner in terms of health and vaccination checks. Additionally, the platform contains a page for adoption, allowing users to easily adopt stray animals. Apart from similarity comparison, we also implemented QR based search for pet owners and we aim to sell collars with QR codes to ease this process. The identity of the pet can be reached by scanning a QR code.